The Four Pillars of Balanced Mindset

The next book in the series sees Master Wong train Marvin in the Four Pillars of balanced mindset.

After going too far with the Surprise, Speed and Violent Direct Action of the KT3, Master Wong must now take him away from it all and teach him the beautiful art of Tai Chi along with the philosophies of Tao Te Ching.

Here, Master Wong shows Marvin that the food that he eats and what he drinks has a direct correlation to his mind and body makeup and it could be these things that helped contribute to his overly violent actions.

There are some real-life lessons to be learned from this book, not only on diet and nutrition but also in the meditation and relaxation side of things.

Here we go into the deep, meaningful connections that we have with each other as human beings plus the relationship that we have with nature and the delicate balances that we need to maintain.

This book is themed towards the mind, body and spirit and how we can move them all from an unhealthy state into the wonderful world of health, wealth and happiness.

This is a must-read for anybody wishing to change their lifestyle and wanting to become stronger and fitter in the process.

The Four Pillars of Balanced Mindset