The final stage in the program is where we get deep into the inner workings of every part of the KT3 system. Every one of us is different, so we all use our minds and bodies in entirely different ways. This is where your own style of fighting will be developed and improved upon.

If you’re small, fast and agile, there’s no point in teaching you how to throw the perfect knockout punch or power kick when evasion and multiple combination attacks would work much better.

Whatever level you start from, whether it’s from a black belt or professional boxer etc. this stage cannot and will not begin until you have gone through the strict psychological profile tests. Because of what is taught in these closed-door sessions a deep understanding of the person must be evaluated.

The techniques and mindset to train in the survival training methods are highly dangerous to teach let alone perform in a hostile or violent situation. These techniques range from instantly maiming your attacker through fast and aggressive joint attacks to head manipulation techniques where the head is treated like a basketball to going in through the eye sockets bowling ball style with an eagle claw style fist.

This is the main reason we will never allow just any quick-tempered or overly aggressive individuals to EVER learn these highly destructive or damaging forms of defence. These techniques are more for people who wish to go into the fields of close quarter protection, Police and Military training academies as instructors or the KT3 TaskForce.

Anyone interested in having a career within the KT3 system should be aiming for these level of training as it will open many doors for you plus you will be connected to all other KT3 practitioners throughout the world.

A first-time instructor level certificate can be obtained from your first few months of training but until you have been evaluated and rigorously tested this part of the program will be out of reach.

We only recruit the most balanced individuals who are willing to put in maximum effort always and have a sincere desire to help and protect the weak and the vulnerable.

A real fighter fights for those who can’t. He fights to protect not reputation. 

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