Self Defence

Once you’ve read the book, you will begin to understand the mindset of being the victim and the processes you must go through to turn your training technique into a real Martial Art. The KT3 system can be taken with you everywhere, concealed within your mind and body and can defend your life and those of others.

The philosophy we live by is; ‘A fighter should always be ready to defend those who are weaker and more vulnerable than themselves.’

As all of the techniques are very basic and simple to learn then becoming a proficient fighter in a short space of time is easily attainable. Providing you’re willing to put in the right amount of work and have the correct balanced mindset then becoming an instructor in KT3 can happen for you quite quickly.

If you’re already an instructor in Boxing, Ju-Jitsu, Karate or any other of the fighting forms you still have the option to run your own club as a second business. KT3 compliments and adds on to any style and the techniques can be adapted and changed however you see fit as no situation is ever the same.

The techniques of KT3 are flexible and interchangeable, but the principles remain the same. They are the foundations from which we build and so have to stay stable to maintain balance throughout.