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As a novice to Wing Chun and the oldest in the group I was concerned that I would be seriously outside my comfort zone. I was but the team made me feel it didn’t” matter. I improved and learned a lot. I couldn’t ask for more.

Douglas Turner UK

Ive been following master wongs chen style tai chi on you tube and i think i am going to want to practice the whole course ..its amazing and master wong looks so good practicing the full form..he has inspired me again..

Chrissy Stuttard UK

I learned great skills physically and socially and got to witness some amazingly beautiful regions of Vietnam. And I came back a different person with higher expectations for myself and a higher gratitude for life! It was a great choice!.”

Kevin Riebe USA

Master Wong has the ability to connect people together and build relationships. This was my second trip with Master Wong. Given the same opportunity, I would go again.

Coung Tran New Zealand

My experiences tweaked my outlook on life and gave me a new perspective that I will be forever grateful for. It was 100% worth the 30 hour plane ride!”

Lindsey Hassy USA

The Hotels and accommodation were excellent throughout the trip and the food was superb.
Overall this was an incredible cultural experience highly recommend to anyone.”

Jon Steiner UK