• Wing Chun Level 1 Training

    suitable for long distance training and home study.

    The training package contains: membership, training videos, training manual, unlimted training support, grading, all the material you need to help you build a strong wing chun foundation.

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  • Become a Master Wong Student

    There are 2 options to become a Master Wong student. Option 1 is joining a Master Wong club. Option 2 is doing the training course which is designed for students to learn from a long distance and home study.

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  • Become an Instructor

    Have your own club.

    Any one is welcome to represent Master Wongs system and become an instructor in their own area. But in order to do so you must pass the instructor training course.

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  • Weekend Training

    with Master Wong

    Train with Master Wong for 2 whole days! It will be an experience you will never forget. Maximum of 4 people per workshop.

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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student
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    Wing Chun Student

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